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Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia 

Photo Gallery

Cool Cats at Goolwa Sept 2011 Cool Cats at Goolwa Sept 2011 Some real COOL Cats 138048854 At the start 138048855 Still at the start 138048856 Philips S Type 138048857 Philips S Type 138048858 Bobs Big Red 138048859 The Stype and 420G 138048860 Dougs S type 138048861 Dougs S Type again 138048862 Geoffs Daimler 138048863 Geoffs Daimler again 138048864 A ring in on the day Davids Daimler 138048865 Still with us thanks for coming David 138048866 Ready to move again 138048867 Big red 138048868 Leaving Auchendarroch House 138048869 Dougs s type on the movbe 138048870 Davids daimler 138048871 And again Davids Daimler 138048872 At Currency Creek Winery for lunch 138048873 A little wine tasting first 138048874 A little more wine tasting before lunch 138048875 Lunch was great - what a great spot! 138048876 Noone wants to leave 138048877 Still at lunch 138048878 At the Motel Goolwa Central 138048879 All lined up 138048880 Hanging around- Who are we waiting for? 138048881 A cup of coffe before boarding "The Spirit of the Coorong" 138048882 Through the Barrages 138048883 and the lock - River looking magnificent! 138048884 Cruising the COORONG NATIONAL PARK 138048885 On board - lunch was great 138048886 Still on board 138048887 Here tis - The Spirit of the Coorong 138048888 Off on a nature walk 138048889 Southern ocean in the background 138048890