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Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia 

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This page is solely for the FREE advertising of private Jaguar and/or Daimler related adverts, no business adverts will be allowed. 


1. We will accept adverts from any genuine private Jaguar owner

2. Adverts for cars, parts, accessories and tools for sale are acceptable

3. Sellers are asked to advise the Administrator when the goods for sale have been sold or withdrawn from sale

4. The Administrator reserves the right to remove adverts without any notification to the owner of the goods for sale

5. Adverts will be tagged with a commencement date and removed after a three month period. Adverts can be re submitted for a further 3 months if necessary.

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7. The Advert must contain a short description of the goods for sale, preferably a photo or two, an asking price, sellers name and contact details.

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JDCSA accepts no responsibility for the accuracy and genuineness of any seller, or the information and details supplied by any seller, who may choose to advertise on this page. It remains the responsibility of the buyer to properly assess and check the information and details for themselves.


Philip Prior

Email: [email protected]

Classic Marque Editor: 

Graham Franklin

Email: [email protected]

Cars Parts and Tools for Sale or Wanted


FOR SALE: 1975 Jaguar XJ5.3C 

The owner of this car is a long time member of the JDCSA with her late husband.

I have viewed the car along with some members of the JDCSA who have ownership of a XJC in order to appraise the car and offer the owner our best advice on the sale.

My general comments are . . I rate this car as rather special,. . it is obviously a very well loved, well maintained, very original car. The bodywork seems to be in excellent condition with no evidence of rust or damage. (we did not have it on a hoist) The Green Sand paintwork looks totally original and very good condition. The chrome is not perfect but is very good for its age and better than average. The interior is excellent, with good woodwork, velour interior with the seats having had lambs wool covers most of its life. The carpets are original and worn, The hood lining is in good shape. I am told the only issues with the car are the A/C that needs a re-gas and the RHR qtr window is working but troublesome. (We all know about these windows). The car seems to start and run very smoothly. I did not drive it.

The seller says, “Ian (her late husband) and I, bought the car from Ray Smithers in late 1986/ early 1987.. I had the vague memory that he was the third owner after Roland Short and first Hedley Smith. Ian had the car regularly serviced by Reg Lee until the last couple of years or so. Ian then took it to Geoff Mockford. 

• Engine Number 7P27565SB

• Body Number 5G 1837

• Car Number 2G 1132BW

• Speedo shows 34,054 Miles so seller suggests 134,054

Price: $69,000

If interested please contact:

Philip Prior 0402670654



A good clean, rust free Series 2 or Series 3 Bonnet

Please contact: George Stasinopoulos  Mob: 0400737483: 

FOR SALE 1967 4.2 Litre E-TYPE 2+2 AUTO.

Purchased by the owner in July 1975 (47 years).

Registered, regularly driven & serviced its entire life.

Excellent original condition, inside and out.

Engine No. 7E515759; Chassis No. 1E 50287 BW

Number Plates sold separately.

$120,000 Negotiable

Email:  [email protected]


One of only three SS100's exported to Australia.      

Purchased by current owner 6th January 1958.

The SS100 is registered and driven regularly.

Early restoration by Finch Restorations Adelaide. 

Immaculate condition inside and out.

Engine. M1079E; Chassis. 39102; Body. 5033

Number Plates sold separately.

Expression of Interest

Email: [email protected]