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Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia 

Club Registration

The Club Registration Scheme in SA has been updated as of 1st July 2022

and now can apply to have your classic cars on Club Registration if they are 25 yrs or older.

Club Registration

If you are uncertain if your vehicle is eligible for Club Registration use our helpful checklist.


Remember it remains your responsibility at all times to ensure that you and your car comply with the regulations. Please read the "Code of Practice" and understand your responsibilities.

W A R N I N G:

Your annual club membership lapses on the 30th June each calendar year.

If you fail to renew your club membership, or if you renew club membership but fail to have your log book stamped and updated by the LOG BOOK SECRETARY by the 30th June your car automatically is deemed to be unregistered and uninsured.

Heavy fines apply and cancellation of your Concessional Registration.

CLUB REGISTRATION UPDATE - Seat Belts/child restraints

There have been rule changes governing the use of seat belts in Club Registered vehicles.

In summary the rule changes mean:

1. That, if your club registered vehicle is fitted with seat belts then these seat belts must be worn at all times.

2. If passengers in your club registered vehicle are under the age of 7 years, then they must be restrained by a correctly fitted, approved child restraint.

3. It follows that if you plan to have children under the age of 7 years travel in your club registered vehicle seat belt anchorage points must be permanently fitted in an approved manner.

For a full statement on these changes please refer to the communication from The Department of Transport Planning and Infrastructure HERE

Benefits of Club Registration:

1.  Significantly reduced registration costs

2. No stamp duty payable on transfer of ownership to your name when you purchase the vehicle

Requirements of Club Registration:

  • Your car must be at least 25 years old as at the 1st January of the year of manufacture.
  • Initially you will need to obtain a Scheme Application Form (MR334) to be issued by a JDCSA authorised inspector.
  • No vehicle inspection is required.
  • You must be a financial member of the JDCSA. If you cease to be a financial member of the club your registration automatically lapses.
  • You must obtain a Logbook from the JDCSA Logbook Secretary
  • You may only use the car 90 days a year
  • You must record brief details of all trips in your logbook. If you fail to do so your car will be deemed unregistered and heavy fines apply along with cancellation of your Club Registration.
  • The entry in your Log Book means your car is registered until 12.00 am of that day. If you are driving after 12.00am you must complete another entry in your Log Book.

Steps to purchase a car under Club Registration


(Note: Club Registration is NOT TRANSFERABLE upon the sale of your vehicle)

  • Become a member of JDCSA (This will take a month, as your application must appear in our monthly magazine)
  • Obtain a completed Club Registration Scheme Application Form (MR334) from a JDCSA inspector.
  • If you have purchased the car interstate it will be required to undergo an ID inspection by Transport SA. You will not need to book an appointment for this inspection. (Inspection Stations are at Lonsdale and Regency Park) 
  • Go to Transport SA with the Id Inspection papers, Registration papers and the completed Scheme Application Form (MR334)
  • Register the car under the Club Registration Scheme. (No stamp duty will apply.)
  • Apply for a Log Book to be issued by the JDCSA Log Book Secretary before you can legally drive your car.

You can then enjoy your Jaguar . . . . . . . .

The current JDCSA Logbook Secretary is:

Bob Charman

(08) 8248 4111    Email: [email protected]

Authorised JDCSA Inspectors

A full list of authorised JDCSA inspectors is to be found on the CONTACT page.